10 Amazing Website that can blow your mind


Amazing website that can blow your mind

Amazing website that can blow your mind The internet is complete of interesting web sites that fulfil a variousvariety of topics. There’s YouTube if you needto observe a video or if you’d as a substitute read approximately the Renaissance duration there’s Wikipedia (for starters) or the encyclopaedia Britannica. In a nutshell, some thing you need to find, probabilities are that you’ll get it here.

But then, these are the known websites. There are many websites which aren’t so popular but yet are masters in their own ways.

Thinking along the same lines, today we have assembled a list of 21 amazing websites which you are not only super cool but equally efficient.


First, on the list, we have the popular Imgur website. This is a simple website using which you can generate a GIF of any public video from YouTube and any other video streaming websites.All you have to do is paste the URL of the video, choose the start and end time stamp and add an optional text to the video — that’s all. Your GIF will be ready in no time and you can save it on the computer directly.


With a number of memes doing rounds every day, it’s imperative that you also have a trustworthy tool to call your own. Say Hi to Imgflip.

This tool is easy-to-use and generates memes in a matter of seconds. Just select the meme you want to personalize, add text and download it to share on social media. Unleash your creativity.

3. 10 Minute Mail

10Minutemail is used to create an mail address in only 10 minutes. Your email address and emails will self destruct in 10 minutes. You don’t need to fill a form,  just open this website and your temporary email address show in homepage. https://10minutemail.com/


It’s tough to keep track of TV shows, especially if you are following too many of them. In such a scenario, you can use TV Countdown to make a customized list of your favourite shows and then track the air date to never miss one.

5.Awkward Family Photos

I didn’t want to post this one, but it’s Bill’s favorite. Whenever your mad at your next family get together, just go here, and think, “At least we are not the Smith’s.” http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/


Want to prank your friends? The Hacker Typer will let you in doing simply that.

Just open the internet site and press random keys like you’re feather typing and the page will robotically generate pre-formatted codes to prank a personwho islooking at your screen.


On the off chance that you are ever tired of your social nearness or online action and need to leave all, trust the Account Killer site to deal with it.

This webpage exhibits a bit by bit guidance to erase your online records – regardless of whether it’s Facebook, Skype, Twitter or Gmail. Simply select the stage and follow the means which are refreshed every now and again.


This website is a calculator for duration between dates, helpful if you want to know things like how many days have past since your last birthday, or run a countdown on your website. https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html


Most of the times, I just open Netflix and scroll through the movie section, not sure of which movie to watch. If you are one like me, then you’ll love this website called WMSIWT. You can browse random movie trailers based on your interest and choice.The best thing about this is that the categories are divided broadly, along with a number depicting the number of movies in each one.


Ever stalled out with a PDF duplicate sent by a customer, though you mentioned for a word record? All things considered, I have and let me let you know, it’s irritating! Out of it was to rapidly change over it internet utilizing the PDF to Word device.

You should simply transfer the document to the site, enter your email and leave the rest to the site.

What’s cool is that you can even utilize this device for changing over Word docs to PDF records. Furthermore, in the event that you are stressed over watermarks, nah, this device doesn’t leave any.


MathWay is the Photomath for desktops. Similar to the way that Photomath helps to solve math problems, mathway does the same sans the camera.

Here you have an onscreen keyboard where you can enter your math equation –whether that’s Algebra, Trigonometry or Calculus – it’ll solve the equation and give a solution with step-by-step details. Cool, right?


There are many URL shortener tools out there, but my tool of choice is TinyURL. This tool not only shortens URLs but also makes one which is really easy to remember.What’s even better is that you can also activate tracking on these shortened URLs.

TinyURL boasts of the links never expiring and if you have a long affiliate link which you want to mask, it lets you do even that through its Hide URL feature.And if you really fall for this tool, you can straightaway install its extension on your browser.


Wish to listen to songs and jingles from all over the world? Say hello to Radio Garden. This excellent radio service developed by Studio Puckey & Moniker, displays the entire earth, which can be rotated to find radio stations indicated by small green dots.


Password Generator, as suggestive of its name, is a password generator of complex but easy to remember passwords.

All you have to do is enter how many characters long your password is going to be, along with the number of digits you want on it and the tool will take care of the rest.


With the number of breaches and software exploits in the recent years, you can never be sure which breach has affected you. So, how to be sure?

Have I been Pawned? checks if your email (and passwords) have been on any public data leaks or if your data was compromised in any of these attacks. This will help you in taking necessary actions like changing the password, activating two-factor authentication or deleting the account completely.


Remember those science projects where you had to demonstrate how a watch functions or how a slot machine works? Animagraffs is the new age rendition of just that.

It has a range of educational topics described using animated infographics. From the working of an electric car to showing the insides of a fire engine or how the international space station works, this site covers boatloads of topics.


This website is for those who are on a weight watch and would like to have diet plans crafted out. Eat This Much creates personalized meal plans based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule so that you reach your goal weight sooner and without much fuss.What’s more, if you aren’t sure how much calories you should take, the calorie calculator will give you answer.


On a lookout for the songs appearing in popular television shows and movies? Say Hi to Tunefind. It contains an index of the popular music and songs and lets you listen to them either through YouTube, Spotify or you can get it through iTunes.

And if that’s not enough, you can also share a song through the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.


FlightAware is a flight tracking system and is one of the best out there. So, whether it’s Live Tracking Maps or checking the status of a particular flight or airport delays – you’ll find everything here.


Moving on, the next on our list is Background Burner and it does exactly what it says. If you want to remove the background of an image and make it transparent for web usage, just upload it and select the areas you want to keep. The software which will analyze the rest and process the image for you.


A healthier lifestyle also demands that you breathe quality air. And a way to determine if the air quality around you is healthy or not is through the Real-time Air Quality Index website. This site displays the real-time data based on international standards, in and around your current location.Plus, if you want to search the same for some other location, you can use the search functionality in the tool.


What to cook for dinner today?

It’s a question that I often ask myself. And if this drill sounds familiar, welcome this helpful site to your life – SuperCook. It’s a recipe search engine that lets you search by ingredients you have at home. Just select the food items you have in stock and find matching recipes using those ingredients only.

There are more than thousand recipes that you can explore and plus, you can also add in the suggested ingredients to make even tastier recipes.


If you ever find yourself writing long and complex sentences, trust the Hemmingway App to make it easier for you. This app makes your writing bold and clear to understand and also highlights complex sentences and common errors, so that you can rectify them easily to make your documents more readable.


The last site on our list is Receive-SMS-online.info. It’s a free service to receive online SMSs, based on REAL SIM and shows you the exact information received by the modem with Dynamic Sender ID. Basically, you can consider this service as a disposable email address to get OTPs on your mobile without revealing your actual number.

Mailbox Locator

This website locates nearest mailbox close to you for your snail mail. So for those that still like the taste of stamps.

The Faces Of Facebook

All the billions of people that post their face on Facebook is here. Can you find yours?


Hotel Wifi Test

Nothing worse than staying at a hotel where wi-fi speeds and reliability just don’t cut it. Here’s a site that is to your rescue.



Embarrassing, funny and sometimes you just can’t look away postings on Facebook that people have made that missed the mark.



By far my favorite. Have you ever called customer service to not only be greeted by a robot, but looped through a system of choices and confusing ways to reach your intended party? Well the bypass automated system in any company to talk to a human exists and this site helps you hack around that annoying system for any company on their list.


Can I Stream It Reelgood

Can’t find movie streaming services? Look no further. See what’s popular and on what service, Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, it doesn’t matter. If it’s a show or movie you want this is the search engine to find it.

update: Can I stream it we’ve been told is not working or supported by Can I Stream It. We were notified by the folks at Reelgood that search is broken and results are not current.

check out: https://reelgood.com/

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