Deepika Padukone marrege

Deepika-Ranveer’s reception card, viral before marriage, will be on this day Grand Party

Even before the marriage of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, her fiance has got a beautiful gift. Actually, the first photo of Ranveer and Deepika’s reception card has come up. This made it clear that this party will be in the Mumbai hotel’s Grand Hyatt. Also reception databases have also been disclosed. Yes, this grand party of Bollywood’s power couple will be on November 28.

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About Jaane Card …
This card is quite simple. This card of cream color has been written with golden color. On this card, Deepika’s parents, Ujjala and Prakash Padukone, have also written the name of sister Anisha. Also, Ranveer’s parents Anju and Jagjit Singh Bhavnani and sister Ritika’s name are also published. This means that this card is from both families.

This luxurious villa will be for Deepika-Ranveer’s wedding, so is 1 day rent

Reception in Bangalore also …
If news reports, Deepika will give her reception in her hometown Bangalore on November 21 before Mumbai. This reception will include some close friends and family members of Deepika. In Mumbai, there will be a gathering of Bollywood in the reception.

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Ranvir will bring a procession in C-plane …
Another information related to the marriage of Deepika and Ranveer is revealed. According to a report, Ranvir Singh will come to make a wedding with Deepika, not on the horse but on the way to water. According to the report, Ranvir Singh will bring a procession from the seaplane after becoming groom. According to the sources, there is a provision for 14 people to sit in the plane. In such a situation, close relatives of Ranvir should sit in the plane and travel to the wedding venue. The other guests will be sitting in the luxury yacht. It is being said that 2 yachts have been booked for the guests attending the wedding.

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