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COIM offer you to understand the the Power of Digitalization .

COIM, Digital Marketing Institute in Alpha Greater Noida.

There has been a constant emergence of inventive parameters and amazing definitions of achievement in the industry surroundings, significantly increasing opportunities for entrepreneurs, and also the constructive reason behind it is nothing but ‘digital marketing.’ You will find an answer to why nearly almost everything around us, starting from A-Z has started to become digitalized. Digitalization has offered incredible possibilities covering several locations and multiple directions. Beginning with integrating ease in daily life tasks to increasing working conditions in big multinational companies, digitalization has brushed every aspect using its amazing wonders. COIM is the best Digital marketing Institute in Alpha Greater Noida.

Digital marketing can be a important part of digitalization and has gained huge popularity among internet marketers and business owners. People who have had the ability to identify and understand the real potential of digital marketing have found the face of success. who have achieved their objectives by mastering the skill of digital marketing. This article will present you with a more in-depth idea about digital marketing and the world it has created around enlightening the lives of millions.

Digital Marketing is expected to become the Largest Media Category in the Future

If reports are to be believed, it has been stated that the digital marketing revenues for the year 2015 summed up to $59.6 billion USD, which has been further registering a constant rise since then. Currently, Digital Marketing stands as one of the largest employers in the nation, attracting more and more players in its ever-expanding field. It is worth noting that there are more than three billion users on the internet at present, which is nearly one-third of the world’s population online at the same time. We hope you can now guess how much potential does the field of Digital Marketing holds! Digital Marketing has been one of the most successful mediums via which marketers have been able to attract quality traffic and transform them into loyal and valuable customers in the long run.

How Marketers are Utilizing Digital Marketing as their Most Powerful Weapon

Digital marketing is not merely the forte of the giant brands as it used to be a few years back. Small to medium scaled business bodies have begun to identify the potential of digital marketing and are exploring and grabbing possibilities and opportunities in the saturated market by leaps and bounds. Digital marketing has always been an option for established organizations but now even small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to trust the way how digital marketing works. Digital marketing has offered unlimited revenues for small-scale business to thrive in a highly cost-effective budget. Recent surveys state that small business organizations are being significantly benefitted by investing in digital marketing. Here’s how:

Helps businesses unlock the pathway to reach a global marketplace

Small businesses can grab the attention of a larger customer group in lesser capital. This is definitely more advantageous than traditional marketing methods

Enables to track comebacks and results of your present marketing efforts in no time

Helps to interact directly with the prospects and identify and understand what precisely they are looking for

Digital Marketing Taking Over as the Center of Career Choice for the Youth

Digital marketing is one of the most dynamic fields that offer ample room for the distinctive interests of ambitious minds. Digital marketing is a part of all business organizations nowadays. Starting from mainstream office jobs to freelancing options, digital marketing is opening possibilities in every area. Also, this is an arena that is ever-growing and there is always something inventive to learn and explore. It has provided an alternate way for the next-generation professionals who desire to break free from the nine to five work timing slots and the boundaries of the cubical.

Possessing digital marketing skills is a priceless quality that every recruiter is looking for in prospective employees in today’s time. As such, adding digital marketing certification to your CV will serve as a highly valuable asset in your portfolio. With professional level training on Digital Marketing and a formal certification in the same, you can surely make your mark in the profession. We, at TimesPro, an educational initiative by the renowned Times of India group, offer career-oriented, industry-centric professional education and training programs on Digital Marketing. Whether you are looking forward to establishing your own business or achieve a lucrative job in the burgeoning field of Digital Marketing, TimesPro will equip you with all the essentials that will aid to find immense success in your venture. Designed and delivered by industry experts with years of relevant industry experience, the Digital Marketing program from TimesPro provides students with valuable insights on both theoretical and practical aspects of digital marketing. Besides, a lot of emphasis is laid on hands-on training, team projects, industry exposure, and workshops, so that students attain a highly realistic idea of the industry actually works.

As you must have understood by now, Digital Marketing is the keyword for achieving professional success today, and the Digital Marketing Training Programs from TimesPro serve as the ladder to attain the success in your career ahead. Join TimesPro, regarded as one of the Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi, and rest assured to kick start your career with the best foot forward.

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COIM offers professional Digital Marketing Course Training in Greater Noida to help you for jobs and your business on the path to success.

Masters in
Digital Marketing
21 Modules
Extensive Practical Assessment
Industrial Case Studies
What You Learn in Modules?

Digital Marketing Course
(111 hours)
1.Digital Mating Overview – 3 Hours
2.Website planning & Creation – 12 Hours
3.Email Marketing – 4 Hours
4.Lead Generation – 3 Hours
5.Google AdWords – 12 Hours
6.Google Analytics – 6 Hours
7.Facebook Marketing – 12 Hours
8.LinkedIn Marketing – 3 Hours
9.Twitter Marketing – 6 Hours
10.Video Marketing – 3 Hours
11.Instagram marketing – 2 Hours
12.Pinterest Marketing – 2 Hours
13.Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) – 15 Hours
14.Online Display Advertising – 3 Hours
15.Ecommerce Marketing- 6 Hours
16.Mobile Web Marketing – 3 Hours
17.Content Marketing – 3 Hours
18.Online Reputation Management – 3 Hours
19.Affiliate Marketing Basics – 3 Hours
20.Adsense & Blogging – 3 Hours
21.How To Grab Freelancing Projects? – 1 Hour

Advance Optimisation/Marketing Techniques & Strategies
(21 hours)
This course makes you stand apart from the whole crowd & a real digital marketing expert.

  1. Spying on Competitors Marketing Strategies – 1 Hour
  2. Influencer Marketing – 2 Hours
  3. Email Marketing – 2 Hours
  4. How to Write Killer subject Line to Ensure High Open Rates
    Optimisation Techniques
    Ensuring High Inbox Delivery (How to escape spam filters)
    Email Marketing Strategies
  5. Lead Generation – 3 Hours
    Optimising Landing Pages
    A/B Testing
    Sales Funnels
  6. Facebook Ads – 2 Hours
    Optimisation Techniques
    Advance Scaling Strategies
  7. Twitter Marketing – 1 Hour
    Multiple Strategies to Increase Organic Reach with Examples.
    Twitter Cards
  8. Instagram Marketing – 1 Hour
    A Proven Case Study – How a brand reached from 0 to 1,00,000 followers organically in less than 1 year.
  9. Growth Hacking – 3 Hours
  10. Steroids for SEO – 2 Hours
  11. Google Adwords – 2 Hours
    Advanced Optimisation of Campaigns
    Competitors Analysis
    Decoding Google Adwords Algorithm
    Scaling Strategy that works
  12. Media Buying using Programmatic and Google Double Click – 1 Hour
    12A Massive list of 500+ Digital Marketing Tools used by Top Digital Marketers Worldwide – 1 Hour

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