Looking to Google search for a million rupees! This news reads alerts


 Google search for a million rupee

As the use of technology is increasing, new issues of fraud are also coming up. A woman residing in Seempuri, East Delhi, lost a million rupees due to a slight inadequacy during the Google search.

That’s because thieves have invented a new way of finding their prey through Google search. Google is not hacked to do this, but the service provided by Google to help users is misused.

The Maharashtra Cyber ​​Police had informed the citizens about these fights first, after which the establishment like Bank of India and Employees Provident Fund Organization was also worried

Google search for a million rupee


There is something similar in Delhi’s case too. According to media reports, a woman working in a private firm was upset about her e-Wallet account. To get rid of this problem, he started searching customer care numbers on Google so that he could file a complaint about wrong transactions. From here, he got a phone number which was described as an official customer care phone number on Google, but he was the phone number of the thief.

The woman thought that this is an official customer care number, she told her complete details of the card so that the e-wallet company would refund her money. As long as the woman understood something, one lakh rupees had come out of her bank account.

Some time ago, one such case happened for the EPFO ​​Provident Fund. For some help about the EPFO, a person called a wrong number and was cheated. This case was from Mumbai. As long as people understand the methods used by the thugs, they have been cheated. People look for numbers on Google thinking that they will be official and fall into the hoaxes of thugs in their circle.

Thugs give them a bank account number, ATM PIN, password and OTP to clear their account. In fact, Google offers users the option to edit the details of shop, bank and other institutions, so that they can get better service through Google search. The thieves here edit the contact details and write their phones instead of the official phone number so that people can come easily to their hoax.



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