Lucknow is the 7th most polluted city in the country, know who is number one


Lucknow is the 7th most polluted city in the country

Depending on the temperature, the respective departments are silent to control the rising pollution. Neither any rigidity nor any arrest. Construction work and burning of garbage are also continuing from the flutter. After Diwali, there is no shortage of haze in the sky. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is reaching the alarming situation. On Saturday, the AUI recorded 388 micrograms per meter meter. Lucknow was the seventh most polluted city on Saturday
Circumstantial situation will reach its city: On Saturday, Lucknow was the seventh polluted city in the country. AQI recorded 388 micrograms here. Right now it is in very bad condition. But if only 12 micrograms increase, the air here will be in dangerous condition.
The faster the pollution is increasing, the quality of air will not take much time to reach the alarming situation. The quality of air in the districts of NCR has reached the alarming situation. In the case of pollution, Faridabad (440) on the first number, Greater Noida (420) on the second and Bulandshahar (415) District on the third number.

Status of AuI in cities (in microgram per month)

City au
Faridabad 440
Greater Noida 420
Bulandshahr 415
Ghaziabad 403
Delhi 401
Bhiwandi 390
Lucknow 388
Varanasi 368

Standard of au

‘The quality of air is very good up to 50 micrograms.
‘Air satisfactorily between 50 and 100.
‘Between 100 and 200 air quality is middle class air
‘Between 200 and 300 air quality gets spoiled.
‘Between 300 and 400 the quality of air becomes very poor.
‘Upon 400, the quality of air reaches dangerous situation.
Sprinkling last year: In the last year, being the most polluted city in the country, the municipal corporation had to be sprayed on roads and fire brigade trees in Lucknow. In the last year, the AuI had reached 485 micrograms in the city. The municipal corporation had started spraying by creating Zone wise action plan. This year, the work plan of spraying has not been made so that there is no reduction in pollution level.
Buses on the road should not be parked: mayor
Lucknow. The traffic of the city and its traffic to pollution is largely responsible. Ground barricades on Alamgag, Charbagh, Naka Bhandola, Basmundi, Ballington Square and Ashok Marg are increasing pollution. From buses to buses on the other side of Chababag, there is often a lot of jamming. The driver and the conductor offer passengers up and down the road while on the road, it gets chocked. Due to this, long queues of vehicles and pollution from the smoke emitted from them spread. However, the municipal corporation and mayor are making efforts in this direction. Despite this, the transport corporation is not taking any action on bus drivers and conductors.

Diesel tempo still running in the city
Lucknow. In order to control pollution, strong plans were made in the month of November last year. The officers of all departments had summoned the DM. They were targeted. Years gone, talked Now the employees are saying in the jaban that the plans made last year have become windy-watching. Diesel tempo are still running on the streets of the city blowing black smoke. There is nowhere to take action against the ongoing vehicles without any pollution check. Diesel generators are being used in alloys. On December 16 last year, DM Kaushal Raj Sharma, in the Collectorate, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam auditorium, entrusted the responsibility of pollution control to the head of the district level departments. The transport department was given the responsibility to carry out illegal floating two and a half tempos in the city. For this, regional additional city magistrates were also given the responsibility to take action. The Transport Department and Pollution Control Board were instructed to conduct regular checkup of pollution of government vehicles. Apart from this, it was also instructed to check the functioning of polling agencies. All the police inspectors were instructed not to use black-fired diesel jets.

Notice sent to Metro Committee sent notice
The pollution control board has sent notices to the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) to increase pollution. Construction material is scattered about four kilometers away on Faizabad road. The dust is blowing with the movement of vehicles. On not covering the construction material and not spraying on the road, the pollution control board has sent a noticeably low lift. Instructions to cover building materials as early as possible. At the same time, LMRC senior public relations officer Amit Kumar Shrivastava said that the cleaning and washing of roads is continuously being done to reduce pollution levels. Cleaning and washing are being done twice, with the help of tankers and pipelines, to avoid dust on construction sites and nearby roads.

With the Lucknow, the work plan approved by the Chief Secretary in Kanpur, Agra, Varanasi and Moradabad has been given to the departments. A meeting has been held with officials of Lucknow. Action plan is to implement them. Some departments have started work but now it needs to accelerate.
Ashish Tiwari, Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board.


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