Most haunted places in Rajasthan


Top Haunted Places of Rajasthan – Explore the Torment !!

The deserts can be eerie with the howling of the wind. But that’s not all that can send shivers down your spine in Rajasthan ‘the land of kings and princes’. Whenever we come across these words, we think of wars, palace intrigues, betrayals, murders and deaths. This has created ghost towns and ghost stories and haunted places in Rajasthan and these places lure ghost hunters and enthusiasts from allover !

1.Kuldhara village, near Jaisalmer

ghost village kuldhara












It is a sad tale ……

Abandoned and cursed for over two hundred years, this Rajasthani village has a tale to tell.  Why is a once prosperous village now nothing but an abandoned old site? Notice the scant presence of human existence, the vegetation is minimal and straying goats have feasted on the last bits.  The afternoon sun is fierce and Kuldhara stands desolate …an uncanny silence prevails all around.

About 200 years ago, Kuldhara was home to the Paliwal Brahmins. It was during this time that Salim Singh, the Diwan of Jaisalmer, known for his debauchery and unscrupulous tax-collecting methods, set his eyes on the beautiful daughter of the village chief. The Diwan was intent on having the girl and he told the villagers if they came in his way he would levy huge taxes on them.

Fearing the wrath of the Diwan, one dark night all the villagers fled the village leaving behind their homes and everything within them.  Kuldhara was abandoned by its very own people. No one saw the thousand-odd members of the village leave. For generations now, no one knows where the Paliwals have resettled. All that is known is they cursed the town when they left ….  that no one would ever be able to settle down in Kuldhara again.



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