PM Modi, speaking at Singapore’s Finitech Festival, in the field of technology, we leap long jump


Singapore: PM Modi gave his first address at the Finitech Festival held in Singapore. On this occasion, he said that in the last few decades, India has made a long jump in the field of technology. Today technology is preparing many new opportunities. PM Modi said that with the help of technology, Singapore has become a global finance hub in the short time. PM Modi mentioned Bhim Apes, biometric system launched by the Indian government on this occasion and new bank accounts opened in the last three years. He said that it is my good fortune that I have got the opportunity to speak at the Finitech Festival from my government.

He said that in the last few years we generated biometric identities of 1.2 billion people, whereas 1.3 billion people became a reality in India. This tour also talked about the Jan Dhan Yojana. He said that we opened new accounts of 330 million people in the last few years. PM said that by 2014, less than 50 percent of people in India had bank accounts. Today, almost everyone has their own bank account.

Today India remains the world’s largest infrastructure with the help of biometric identity, new bank accounts and cell phones. The PM said that when our government came, we had only one purpose and that we could all develop inclusive development. So that we can improve the quality of life of every citizen with the help of this. For this, we needed a permanent financial inclusion.

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