UP: Preparations to change the names of these places after Allahabad-Faizabad, Aligarh-Azamgarh

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UP: Preparations to change the names of these places after Allahabad-Faizabad, Aligarh-Azamgarh

Now after city names change in up  of Allahabad and Faizabad, the state government can now change the name of Azamgarh, Kanpur and Aligarh. In this regard, the Department of Revenue has started preparations. Although the officials are not ready to say anything in this regard yet, the sources claim that names can be changed soon by approving the cabinet proposal for this effect.

Aligarh may be in Harigad

Aligarh can be named as Harigarh while Azamgarh is being proposed for the name of Aryamgarh. In fact, the demand for aligarh name change is quite old. Vishwa Hindu Parishad passed the proposal in 2015 in Aligarh and said that the ancient name of Aligarh is Harijgarh itself. It was later aligarh. Therefore, it should be done in Aligarh, Harigad. Sources reveal that the state government is preparing to change its name. In any case, this district and city have their own importance in the state and the state of UP. Kalyan Singh had tried to name the name of Harijgarh while being the Chief Minister in 1992, but at that time there was a Congress government at the center, so his efforts could not be reached.

Azamgarh i.e. Aryamgarh

There is a proposal to city names change in up of Azamgarh in the Purvanchal for the development of majority voters. The demand for this to be done in Aryamgarh is quite old. As an MP, Yogi Adityanath has called Azamgarh in his public meetings as Aryamgarh.

Muzaffarnagar and Agra demand for change


Now the fresh controversy has stood in the name of Muzaffarnagar and Agra. BJP MLA Music Mon has changed the name of Muzaffarnagar to Laxminagar. Jagan Prasad Garg, MLA of Agra North, has written a letter to the Chief Minister demanding the advancement of the name of Agra.

‘Congress gave slogan to poverty line, Shivraj and PM Modi did’

Growing up is politics

Politics has once again been heated due to allegations of renaming of opposition parties. After the name of Allahabad and Faizabad district changed, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party MLA himself has now begun to demand the names of many districts to be changed. The demand for change of name of Muzaffarnagar and Agra has been formally exposed.

Culture versus sectarianism
The State Government intends to preserve these ancient places as the main Hindu pilgrimage places for identifying Hindutva, that Indian ancient culture can be preserved. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the BJP’s associate organizations have been accusing that foreign invaders have forcibly changed old names. Therefore, due to the BJP rule in the center and the state, names should now be changed.

Irfan Habib protested
The opposition of all these new demands has also started. Famous historian Irfan Habib has strongly opposed the demand for the name change of Muzaffarnagar. He tweeted that this demand is communal. In 1633, during the reign of Shah Jahan, Syed Muzaffarnagar Khan established Muzaffarnagar district. He also says that music demanding change of name of the district is accused of some riots.

Chandrababu convenes convening of opposition parties on 22nd November for the grand alliance

First name is changed
Rename agenda is not new in UP. The BJP government named the Mughalsarai station under the name of Deenayyal Upadhyaya, the leader of Integrated Humanism. After this, the Cabinet has passed the proposal to change the names of Bareilly Airport (Nathnagari), Gorakhpur (Mahayogi Gorakhnath) and Agra Airport (Deendayal Upadhyay Airport) to the Central Government Civil Aviation Ministry. CM Yogi Adityanath last year named Panki station of Kanpur last year.

The old is the name change trend
Mayawati made new districts during her separate tenure and named her after the names of saints and great people associated with the backward and backward classes. At that time the BJP had opposed it.
-Myayvati had named Kasganj district, Kansiram Nagar, after cutting it off from Eta.
Amethi was named as Chhattrapati Shahu Nagar District
– Amroha’s name was Jyotiba Phule Nagar
Hathras name changed to Mahamaya city many times.
-The name of Kanpur country in BSPA state is Ramabai Nagar
-Sambhal’s name is Bhimnagar
-Shamali’s name is Prabuddhanagar
-Hahud was named Panchsheel Nagar.

SP is not behind
In 2012, Akhilesh Yadav became CM, he retained the new district in July but restored the old name instead of the new name. Mayawati expressing her disrespect to the great men while expressing her displeasure

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