What is 2019 Citizenship Amendment Bill | What is CAB Bill in 2019

What is 2019 Citizenship Amendment

hat is 2019 Citizenship Amendment Bill | What is CAB Bill in Hindi 2019
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What is the Citizenship Amendment Bill? 2019 (What is Citizenship Amendment Bill in Hindi (CAB)) [Latest news, UPSC, PDF] Our country is a country where people of different religions reside, and people of all religions have also been given citizenship here. But after getting citizenship of some Muslim countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc., people from minority minority non-Muslim community who enter India and from Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and Parsi etc. Belongs, now this bill is being introduced by the central government to give them citizenship of India. It will be introduced in the Lok Sabha on Monday. Learn more about it in detail here.

Citizenship Amendment Bill in hindi

Citizenship Amendment Bill Introduce

Recently, the Winter Session of the Lok Sabha has started, in this Winter Session of Parliament, the Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah is going to present the new Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 by amending the Citizenship Act 1955 on Monday. After the introduction of this bill in Parliament, there will be talks among all the MPs on it. There is also speculation that the opposition will oppose it. After all the discussions about it, the process of passing it will begin.

Citizenship Amendment Bill Background

The Citizenship Amendment Bill was first introduced in the Lok Sabha Parliament in the month of July 2016, after which it was passed to the Joint Members Committee in August. Then after 3 years, i.e. after presenting it in the Lok Sabha in the month of January this year 2019, it was passed by the Central Government. But after this, when it was introduced in Rajya Sabha, it could not be passed by bear, and during that time the parliamentary session of Lok Sabha was also finished. Because of which this bill could not come into effect. And now, after making some more amendments, it will be presented again in both houses in this winter session.

Some Important Points of Citizenship Amendment Bill

Till now, under the Citizenship Act 1955, there was a provision that minority non-Muslim citizens from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh would get citizenship of India after staying here continuously for 11 years after entering India. But this period will be reduced after the Citizenship Amendment Bill comes. Yes, now if a citizen resides in India for 1 to 6 years, then he will be given citizenship here. A cut-off date can also be set for this, which may be December 31, 2014.
This bill also provides that the difference between those who entered India illegally and those who settled in India after suffering atrocities from these three countries can be clearly made. Let us tell you that people who are living illegally in India can be put in jail or they can be sent back to their country.
After the passing of this bill, citizens who will get citizenship of India will be able to go to any part of India. Because it will be implemented in all the states and union territories of India. Therefore, the beneficiaries will be given complete freedom like other residents of India.
The citizenship amendment bill introduced by the central government in the Lok Sabha is more likely to pass because the central government MPs are more in it. But passing the bill from Rajya Sabha will be a big challenge for the central government.
Citizenship Amendment Bill Against Protest

There are protests in many states of the country regarding the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Here we are telling about some opponents and the protest being done by them –

Protest in Assam: – After this Citizenship Amendment Bill was introduced for the first time, most of the protests have taken place in Assam. In fact, an agreement was signed in Assam in 1985, in which people entering Bangladesh from India after 1971 were excluded from the state. In such a situation, if this Citizenship Amendment Bill comes, it will put a very big question mark on this agreement. Due to which there is a lot of opposition in Assam.
Opposition Opposition: Apart from Assam, various opposition parties are also not in favor of passing this bill. They say that by passing this bill, the central government is targeting the Muslim community. He also says that Article 14, which is the right to equality, this bill will also violate it.
Protest in East and Northeast States: – People living in the states of East and Northeast region are afraid that due to the passing of this Citizenship Amendment Bill, their identity and their livelihood can also cause great problems.
Therefore, this bill is being introduced in this way. Now it has to be seen what the parties and the opposition parties argue after the introduction of this bill in both houses. And finally, whether this bill is passed in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. So you stay with us, we will keep you updated about it soon.


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